Book Review: Murder on the Marshes by Clare Chase

Murder on the Marshes by Clare Chase
My rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟 (4 stars)
Publisher: Bookouture (July 31)

I now have another procedural investigative series to follow. MotM was a whip-smart read that had a good many surprises and twists.

I won't be spoiling but I found the reveal of the murderer well done and while they were one I had briefly suspected and discarded, it all made sense in the denouement. Oxford is as much a character here as the others and that was also a high point for me. I cared a lot about Tara and her story and given the ending, look forward to what's next for her as it seems her past still isn't quite settled. Blake was a very good investigator and I look forward to perhaps following him on another case. I accept that I'm awful for hoping that reconciliation with his wife doesn't work out.

I'd definitely recommend this to fans of procedural mysteries. It was like an Inspector Morse & Midsomer layer cake with Christie for the frosting. I'm awaiting my next slice.

Thanks to publisher Bookouture for the advance reader's copy.

Summary: Meet Tara Thorpe – she had enough on her plate before a grisly college murder landed right in her lap!
As the sun rises, a young woman – Samantha Seabrook – is found drowned in the ornamental fountain of a deserted Cambridge courtyard, the only clue – an antique silver chain wound tightly around her throat.

It’s Tara Thorpe’s job to discover what happened to Miss Seabrook – but the case becomes personal when she learns that Samantha had been receiving death threats… rather like the one that landed on Tara’s doorstep the night the woman died.

Together with Detective Inspector Garstin Blake, Tara tracks the killer to the dank and dangerous fens on the outskirts of the city. But there’s something Tara can’t quite admit to Blake about her past – and it could make all the difference to whether they live... or die.

The first in a series of unputdownable Cambridge mysteries featuring Thorpe and Blake.

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