Book Review: The Weekend Spa Break by Anne John-Ligali

The Weekend Spa Break by Anne John-Ligali
My rating: 🌟🌟🌟 (3 stars)

A quick and cute story that continues with the two friends readers met in The Big Event. Constance and Estelle finally go on the weekend spa break using the voucher that Estelle gifted Constance and it's the getaway they both need. The posh resort is all things plush and pampering and that's a good thing because both ladies have some of their home life concerns on their minds and Constance has an actual intrusion connected to her now ex-fiancee, Maxwell (though I'm not yet convinced the intrusion isn't just an unhinged, online stalker). It's a good read and I was incorrect that this was a duology, it's a trilogy and I definitely will be reading that one.

I'm giving no spoilers but I will say that it felt a bit drawn out. Maxwell calls Constance several times, she doesn't answer and he doesn't leave a voicemail message. When they finally do speak, nothing is actually said that furthers the narrative. It felt like stalling for its own sake. Even Constance was exceedingly halting in her telling of the Maxwell situation to Estelle. Some of it was understandable but Constance is too often describing herself as zoning out and getting teary at the mere thought of Maxwell. It began to feel whiny and tempered my sympathy. You're a writer Constance, use your words and get this thing off the runway already!

Beyond that, there are some truly funny and also touching things that make up for the part that lacks. I liked the further connection that Constance and Estelle found between them and I appreciated their struggles. It made me more mindful to the challenges of single motherhood, especially with special needs children. I also liked the updates from the other friends in the group but I was yelling the whole time, "Stop tagging your location with every move you make!". I do enjoy how this story highlights how we can be so casual with our information and how it's not always such a good idea. Well done.

Summary: After finally meeting in person at the publishing party of the season, Constance and Estelle are determined not to let their friendship return to mere virtual champagne bottles and uploaded pictures of food.It’s been a busy year, and Constance feels it’s time to reward herself with the spa break Estelle gave her for Christmas. Naturally, Constance wouldn’t dream of taking anyone other than Estelle, and this will provide the perfect opportunity to bond with her new chum.
As the excited pair spend some quality time together, they realise it’s not just writing books they have in common, but something that goes much deeper. After a few Jacuzzi sessions, facials, pedicures, and a massage by sexy Senior Therapist, Julio, everything seems to be peachy until an unexpected visitor turns Constance’s weekend of bliss … on its head.
A two-day spa break.
Sparkling water on tap.
And the perfect massage.
But who’s rubbing who up the wrong way?

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