Book Review: The Teatime Mystery by Faith Martin

The Teatime Mystery (Jenny Starling #6) by Faith Martin
My rating: 🌟🌟 (2 stars)
Publisher: Joffee Books

In a week that was insanely busy, this was the book I chose to read, and it took forever to get through. I've settled on the fact that it's not me, it's the book. This investigation into who killed Tris, the privileged local Lothario with a cricket bat had all the pop and swiftness of watching a glacier move, by the hour. The murderer was who I'd suspected and that didn't even bring a thrill. This is one of Jenny's outings that I'd recommend skipping (the food wasn't even inspiring!). That's enough said about it & I'm just glad it's over.

The next surely has to be better.

Summary: Jenny Starling is doing the catering for the village cricket match. But she’s not expecting one of the players to turn up dead.
Everyone from the village has turned out to watch the match, and with this being the club’s centenary, Jenny Starling has been hired specially to provide her stunning food for the event.
Then the next man up to bat, Tristan Jones, is nowhere to be found. He is discovered behind the pavilion, murdered by a blow to the back of the head with an old cricket bat.
The handsome twenty-something had a reputation as a Lothario, with an appetite for married women. Did a scorned woman or a cuckolded husband kill him?
However, he’d annoyed other people too. He was a stockbroker who took big risks with other people’s money and lost their lifesavings.
Soon another body turns up and Jenny Starling is going to need all her cunning to crack this complex case.

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