Book Review: The Country Inn Mystery (Jenny Starling #7) by Faith Martin

The Country Inn Mystery by Faith Martin
My rating: 4 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟
Publisher: Joffe Books

A very fun entry in the series that has me hoping there's more Jenny Starling coming.

The mystery pace was well done. The characters arrived on the scene quickly enough, the murder victim was perfectly off-putting and the murder itself was cleverly done. I only had a quibble about one half of the couple from the United States. Min did not use phrases an American would use (she used distinctly British ones) and it threw me out of the story in those instances. Still, this was a minor thing in an otherwise enjoyable read. There was also a good amount of wit even down to the last lines.


Summary: Jenny Starling is working at The Spindlewood Inn for the weekend. It’s hosting a Regency Extravaganza, involving historical costume, amateur dramatics and food. Leading actress of the amateur dramatic society and reputed man-eater Rachel Norman portrays a doomed noblewoman. But when she turns up actually drowned in the pond, there’s suddenly a murder to investigate. There’s been plenty of trouble at the idyllic country inn. The performers weren’t a happy troupe, and Jenny discovers a simmering romantic tension. Who wanted Rachel dead and why? Jenny Starling is going to need all her wits to crack this complex case.

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