Book Review: An Ale of Two Cities (Literary Pub Mystery 2) by Sarah Fox

An Ale of Two Cities by Sarah Fox
An Ale of Two Cities by Sarah Fox
My rating: 3 stars 🌟🌟🌟
Publisher:  Kensington

I read the first book in this series last week and decided to jump right into the second in the series. 

While this did have a well-done mystery and some fine additions of new characters (Booker the cook and his sister Teagan, in particular) this didn't grab me. I did like the setting of the Winter Carnival and the ice sculpting competition. I kind of wished I'd read this during the Christmas/winter season because it was perfect with all the decorations and snow. There were a good number of suspects and the reveal of the murderer was well done. This one also had subsequent murders after the main one creating quite a web. The romance with Grayson is heating up but I'm still neutral on it. To be fair, I rarely find the romantic thread in cozies satisfying or worth the time taken in the telling. This one is no worse than others.

As to the recipes in the back of the book, I'm still glad they're here but alas, I was hoping for the chilled avocado soup and it was not to be. The cocktail/mocktail sounds tasty, however. Recommended for series readers. I'll definitely read the next in the series when it comes out.

Summary: The Winter Carnival always brings holiday cheer, Christmas joy—and tourists with cash—to picturesque Shady Creek, Vermont. At the center of the glittering decorations and twinkling lights is booklover and pub owner Sadie Coleman, creating original cocktails, hosting a literary trivia evening, and cheering on her loyal employee Melanie “Mel” Costas as she competes in the ice carving competition.

But holiday cheer can’t compete with former resident and renowned chef Freddy Mancini, who arrives with his nose in the air, showing off his ice-sculpting skills like a modern-day Michelangelo. During the artists’ break in the night-long contest, Mel’s tools disappear . . . and Freddy is found dead with her missing pick in his chest.

Although the police turn their attention to Mel, it seems everyone in town had a grudge against Freddy, including his assistant, his mentor, his former flame, and even his half-brother.

Faster than she can fling a Huckleberry Gin, Sadie finds herself racing to make sure the police don’t arrest the wrong suspect—all while sharing a flirtation with local brewery owner Grayson Blake. Their chemistry leads to a heated rivalry at the hockey rink—and to the hot pursuit of a killer.

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