I'm Kinda' On A Writing Jag...

I actually went to bed late last night & also had to get up a couple hours later... because my muse won't shut the hell up. It's a writing day for me & I figured I should drop in and make a quick post.

Watched second dvd of S1 of Jericho. Broke down and ordered dvd. It was necessary, if we didn't, we'd miss the new season on OnDemand. ;) Spent yesterday with T (the hubs) & overall had a very nice weekend. Recently purchased yarn, still in the bags from purchase, is overtaking my living room & I am now putting myself back on a yarn restriction. It's out of hand. Seriously.

Didn't watch the Oscars & that's no big surprise but I'm glad No Country For Old Men won Best Picture. Talk about a hard call between that & There Will Be Blood. Crickey! Call me fickle, I'm just not very interested in awards shows, it's much more efficient to catch all the wins on the news the next day. I just saw what is sure to be my favorite moment... Javier Bardem thanking his Mama in Spanish during his acceptance. He dedicated it to her, his abuelos & hers and
EspaΓ±a! :D A EspaΓ±a mi vida y amor. Even when you don't recognize Kosovo's independence because you have your own issues with ETA.

Here's to dodging the banality of "who wore who", "who partied where" & "who looked like absolute crap" for the next week. I say we all turn off the television & pick up a book in protest! Who's with me?

My muse is prodding me with a stick, so I really must go. Just between you and me, she can be a real bitch but she brings me coffee & Moleskines so I tolerate her. ;)


  1. Hi there, just stopping by to check your blog out...sorry your muse is so irritating...!!!

  2. Have to say I broke down and watched the whole show. First time I've used the new tv...we bought it in Sept. Had to have my husband show me how to turn the damn thing on. For some reason there are 3 remotes...hmmmm.
    No wonder I usually read.