Creative Tides & DVD Delays

I'm still writing, and while that has its good points, it's also meant that I've not been keeping up my end of my affair with yarn. Why, oh why must it be so all or nothing? Is it some cosmic test for loving two things that are time consuming & wholly engaging? What to do? Actually, in a way I'd love to spend two solid weeks writing. Maybe it's just what I need & I should chuff the guilt of not spending every waking hour obsessed with SKO. Enlightenment this early in the am? Before the coffee? Whoa.

In other news, Barnes & Noble is pissing me off (& T also). I'm a member with a discount card & they even sent me a coupon for something like 25% off an item either online or in store. So, I figured, I'd order Jericho on dvd. After all the discounts, I saved $15 overall & free shipping. It was a good day. It was supposed to ship on Monday. Did it? No. In fact, I received a nice little e-mail telling me they are experiencing some sort of issue & won't be able to ship it... wait for it.... until Monday, March 3! What does this mean? It means a Jericho-free weekend & we're kinda' bummed. I swear, it's like they know how totally obsessed we are.

We're not that far along in the series but we definitely have some favorite characters already. I adore Heather & think she's awesome. Three cheers for the science girl! I think T likes her also & is possibly even shipping Jake & Heather
getting together. Is it a bad sign when your husband ships before you do? We'll see. If I were to ship, I think I'd go with them but I think she's got a lot of blonde to get through to get to him. Hopefully, she's off working on a formula. ;)

I have to hand it to Skeet Ulrich & Sprague Grayden. It's like they took a swim in a pool of chemistry before they shot this scene. Absolutely electric together. Fab job!

Additionally, I've not read while I've been doing all this reading. And I don't just mean my latest installment of Dune, I mean blogs, newspapers & magazines. This week's New Yorker arrived yesterday & then I realized I'd not finished last week's.

Well, I really must run. Back under my rock with my laptop & moleskine.



  1. You could always say your two weeks of writing is a vacation. Normal people take vacations, right?

    Besides it might be good SKO.

  2. Uh, yeah. That should be "good for SKO". I don't want everyone to think I was using some dirty phrase. lol.

  3. Argh! Stop writing about Jericho! just kidding... we have to finish up 5 seasons of Six Feet Under before we can start on the next show.