Skeins Alive!

I've made a few things in the recent past that I really loved and many have gone off to very satisfied customers. It's funny how once you've transformed a skein of yarn into something (even as simple as a scarf) it holds more meaning than it did in its original form.

My love affair with all things string began when I was a little girl and short of not being able to use my hands, I can't see it coming to an end until I die. I adore the feel of yarns, the colors and the way combining can elicit an altogether different feel. I think that my love of the yarn itself keeps me wanting to keep stitches pretty standard. I want the yarn expressed most in the finished project and I don't like to futz with it too much. ;)

My stash of yarn is always calling me and forcing me to divide my time between it and my other love... writing. A never ending battle that's a little bit torture and a little bit love but wholly consuming on both fronts.


  1. That top scarf looks so yummy soft!

  2. Thanks! It was part of a trio I did and it was my favorite and flew out of my shop really quickly. LOL Honestly, it's one of the best pics I've ever taken, so it must be the scarf! :D

  3. Those scarves are beautiful! And congrats on your entrance into blogdom. ;)