Somewhere Over The Rainbow Are Downed Power Lines & Crochet by Candlelight

Sunday morning, this was the view from my balcony. The skies looked like they were on fire and it was absolutely beautiful. But the winds were gusting pretty heavily also, so I didn't tarry long. I like Sunday mornings. Quiet, slow, contemplative with a pot of coffee and a day long conversation with my husband on various topics including things we catch on CBS Sunday Morning & Meet The Press. There's always newspaper reading and our slumbering kitty on some errant section one of us wants. It's perfect. *sigh*

And yesterday was just that. Sublime. I had to refund a customer for a mistake I made in measurement but it was all good. I've never futzed anything on Etsy before, but apparently I'm only She-Ra in my mind but am actually afflicted with human error and sketchy mathematics skills. :D It's very hard to accept these things and go on but it must be done.

Actually, it all turned out fine and my customer was actually happy in the end. The only thing I couldn't handle was that she was so happy I'd been so accommodating and easy to work it out. I've no idea how other people handle such things, but it kind of skeeves me that a customer could be sitting on tenter hooks waiting to see if they're in for the fight of their lives or not. How sad. Mistakes happen and into every sellers life a refund will fall. I was glad to have an understanding customer because it was my error. Anywho, it goes to show that even when you have the unexpected presented it doesn't always have to end badly or even in a null. I had the chance to use my infrequently called
upon soft skills for resolving an issue for an unsatisfied customer and the opportunity to make her happy in the end.

I think it was the rainbow that did it. That's right, this rainbow appeared on the horizon not long after the "sky fire" moment. We were on the side of an incoming storm and got to see the rainbow before our storm. Kinda' cool, huh? And it's supposed to be lucky to see a rainbow so I was thinking the whole Day of Excellence thing was going to go all day. And it did. Sort of. The storm rolled through and went on its way but it left behind gale force winds. Those took the power lines down. On a Sunday afternoon. So, like millions of women before me throughout history, I broke out candles and crocheted into the night. I have a new respect for those who created before the lightbulb. It's not so simple when the sun sets and you're grateful you're working in lighter shaded yarns.

I raise my latte to Mary & Laura Ingalls, Betsy Ross & all the other women who did everyday what I did one night out of sheer determination & necessity.

So today, the power is back on. I'm ready to start a new project. I need to take pictures of my preppy silk travelghan/wrap and also get on to my morning reading.


  1. Beautiful pictures!

    I often wonder why more sellers don't treat their customers like you. I do the same thing you do, and even on occasion, give out discounts off if I am being very slow with shipping. Buyers are our life's blood, and we should treat them as such. Good for you.

  2. Thanks! :D It was an exceptional sky moment so I was glad that I could capture it. :)

    And yeah, it's kinda crazy to me too what's going on sometimes with people and their customers. Your discount idea is a good one as well. I think it's a good thing to have a challenge thrown at us as sellers every once in a while to get us to stop and think about our course of action. Shop policies is one thing but we all have to break out those soft skills too. :)