Kara Thrace's Wrist Warmers Would've Been Black

These are a pair of wrist warmers I made from the yarn I've been talking about for a few days. They're a bit long actually and cover up to mid-arm (at least on me, but I'm a short girl). I'd have taken the shot modeling one but I've not gone to my mani appointment yet. They turned out quite nicely and I like the chunkiness. The end edges are finished and the thumb holes pronounced. I'm thinking that I should have made my own this long. You can't so much see the glittering metallic strand that runs through but it does make them very pretty live. I'm diggin' the harvest colors as well but that may have more to do with the fact that we're in the middle of winter and all the trees are bald and everything is grey. Blah.

So I'm considering that I will make three versions of warmer. This one shown. A shorter one that is mainly for the hands with a little bit of wrist. And the full on long arm warmer. I've never listed any on Etsy because they sell before I have the chance or their spoken for when I'm in the middle of making them but I'm definitely going to list some this time around. And I'm totally going to make some named after my favorite BSG characters. So far I've used the following:

Kara: the beautiful red scarf
Anastacia: gauzy ivory scarf/wrap
Sam: plum purple scarf
Lee: charcoal black scarf
Galen: navy blue scarf

I've yet to figure out which other characters I'll name items after (Romo definitely!). I should most likely add some Cylons in there and I've yet to meet the yarn that screams Gaius Baltar to me... but I'm
looking. :D

I was up at 5 this morning because that's when Battlestar Galactica airs on SciFi Channel. I didn't plan on the wake up but I swear I'm psychically connected and just know when it's on. I am so excited that the new and final season begins April 4th at 10 PM. I've so missed using my banners, I had to post one of them. ;) Ahh, good times.

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