Jericho... Excellent & Exhausting!

So T & me, we were only going to watch a few more eps of Jericho on our dvd. Then I found that the next three episodes we wanted to watch were on OnDemand. Well, we want to support the show as much as possible & we aren't Nielsens so the best we could do is a watching on something that is tallied somewhere. We watched the three episiodes from S1 & the ending was so good we had to go back to the dvd because all that was left was the S1 finale. We were blown away. I had a good long cry during that episode and it felt like more than an hour to me.

I can honestly understand why fans of the show lost their minds when the finale ended & then the show was canceled. Talk about unresolved! I actually stood up and had a whole WTF?! moment. Then we turned on OnDemand again to watch the S2 premiere episode. That was great also. There's where we had to stop though. All of that was exhausting. Kinda' like watching a 24 marathon. T said he's not so sure he could have stood to watch the show when it ran originally because the tension, plot & way the show unravels makes you want to know more immediately. It's especially cruel the way they end the episodes. You're usually in the middle of something really huge & then... black screen. Blast! :)

We'll most likely watch the next episode of S2 tonight & will only be one behind by tomorrow's new show at 10 PM. And now I just need to post my happiest thing from all we viewed yesterday... SPOILER *highlight if you want to know* Heather wasn't dead & she cam back home to Jericho!!! YAY!!! I was so happy. I don't even want to talk about all the things that broke my heart but I would like two things for S2. One, for Jake to get a shower & shave, he can keep his hair messy as long as it's clean. This isn't asking too much because it's not like they don't have running water. :) He could most likely use a nap too because his judgment seems a bit off.

And for all that is holy can they please give Emily something to do. Even T watched some of her scenes and was the first one to say, "Oh please." She's the only weak spot in an otherwise very well done show & it's really glaring. I keep thinking they're writing her badly but T has suggested that maybe it's a combination of the writing & the actress possibly not being very strong. I don't know which side I fall on though. Everyone else is so well done, did the writers just run out of steam with Emily? She has more screen time than Heather but they aren't as memorable or electric. I don't want to just dump it on the actress either. Granted I've only seen her in Into The Blue & Dark Angel and yes, she wasn't giving some Oscar winning performance or anything but I didn't want her to go away. Additionally, she's listed as a main character which suggests the casting, direction & production people saw something worthy of that from her, I'm just asking that they make me see it too. Out of an entire 22 episode season, they only gave her about 5 decent moments... MOMENTS. She even had an entire episode devoted to her & it's still at 5 moments season long. That's just not right.

I am a sucker for the journey of a character. When you meet them in the beginning and follow along in a series you stay with them because you want to find out who they become. Because you care. I have that with everyone else I'm watching but not Emily. I haven't even figured out who she is and what motivates her in life. I haven't seen her journey... unless it's supposed to be her unresolved things with Jake & her father & possibly Roger. There has to be more or her journey is just about her relationships with men and well... that's friggin' lame! Well, Roger & Dad aren't around right now so I guess Jake is her only reason to exist? What kind of crap is that?! That's not how you treat a main character! I'm not even asking for her to be likable. I love the characters you love to hate. But they haven't given me a reason to feel anything but ambivalent. Oh dear, Emily of Jericho is my Claire of LOST. Damn!

Oh well, I still have Heather & Gail. :)



  1. Argh! Stop posting about Jericho! jk - you reeeeeeally make me want to watch it. Now.

  2. OMG - My BF and I just discovered Jericho about two weeks ago, and literally watched HOURS of it on You are sooo right about not being able to watch them one at a time. It's very addictive. It's also slightly stressful and makes me feel like I should be taking survival skills classes and learning how to shoot a gun...hahah. Glad to know I'm not the only fan of the show!