Fathers & Sons... Why Don't You Just Shoot Me?!

I am a pretty strong girl. I don't do chick flicks or chick lit and have never read a Harlequin Romance but there's one thing that can consistently & without fail break me down. A dramatic moment in books, film or television where a father & son have a truly riveting & revealing moment. Absolutely guaranteed to make me reach for the tissues. Mothers & daughters don't get me for some reason... well, that whole M'Lynn & Shelby relationship of Steel Magnolia's got me, but I was a child. ;) For my adult life it's been the whole fathers & sons thing that has ripped me to shreds. Possibly they kind of remind me of my relationship with my own father... yeah, I was an atypical Daddy's girl. There's something there that my heart identifies with... past hurts, things said, happy childhood memories, grudges held, love lost, love remaining & the ebbs & flows of respect & trust.

I've only had one show that has gotten to me in recent years. Of course, Battlestar Galactica. Every time Adama & son Lee have an argument or a heart to heart, I'm cursing the screen & my husband hands me the box of tissues. The acting is so first rate & the writing so sublime I can't turn away and as much as I hate the breakdown I kind of love the catharsis. I've made my peace with it and accept that this is just one of those things I need to do when I watch.

Well, now I have another show to add to that list. Jericho. Johnston Green (Gerald McRaney) & son Jake (Skeet Ulrich) have pushed me to the tissues. In an episode entitled "Heart of Winter" they have exchanges that simply break my heart. On the up side T, said he started to lose it himself when the father started to get misty... so at least I wasn't alone this time. Damn them for taking me there. This is supposed to be my "keep me distracted until BSG returns" show and they went all seriously devastating, scooped my heart out and wrung tears out of me. I can't wait for more. ;)



  1. You are going to need a truck load of tissues for the finale then.

  2. Ack! I didn't actually read the post in case there were any spoilers. Do you usually put warnings first?

  3. Thanks for the warning, cbsplaysdirty. :) I'll keep my box close. Oy vey!

    Kellybot, I totally didn't put anything spoilery in the post, with the exception of the picture at the top. :) And now you've made me think I need to white out some of my prior post so you're safe too. *off to do that now* ;) I always will put in a spoiler & tell readers to highlight if they want to read it.