Nothing Left To Lose

My love of the show Jericho has been well documented in this little blog and as a newcomer to the show, I am saddened to report that on Friday, CBS decided to cancel it. Again. *sigh*

Seven episodes. Ten o'clock time slot. Less character development. More pyrotechnics & guns. I didn't dislike it but I can see how fans of the first season may have dropped off, it looked quite different from what they loved. On the up side CBS/Paramount are very interested in shopping the show around to various other networks to hopefully continue the story. I hope it's successful because I'm still very interested in the story to be told.

Here's a little "promo" that someone posted on YouTube and all I can say is: Please make it so! I totally love every FX show going and if they added Jericho to the mix, it would so rock!

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