Random Acts of Slackerdom Reform

I think my lack of blogging is a pretty good indicator that I've not been doing much other than writing.

Oh, and I have been crocheting but haven't gotten around to photos... and the weather's been a bit crappy. Grrr. But possibly this weekend. And to all who have yet to work with bamboo yarn.... DO. SOON! It's so scrummy! I'm almost a little sad that I've been using all that I bought a few weeks ago.

In my internet travels I came across two cute little quizzes & I usually would only put these on my LJ but what the heck, I've gone on enough about both shows.

I'm a Heather! YAY! I'm a real-life science girl who saw the hot boy with charisma & made the first move. Luckily, my love is a little less Jake than our protagonist & thought my moxie & honesty were terribly sexy. My definition of a game was breaking down OChem equations not playing mind games on a guy. So I know that handy science chicks don't always finish last & that's pretty cool.

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And holy crap! I'm the Old Man! I should've known. Mi padre would be proud. :) Thank the gods I didn't come back as Lee! I'd rather be Gaius! ;P

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