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Today I will be taking photos of the ever growing pile of items that I've made for my Etsy shop lately. I had a nice break but now I'll have to try more of a balance thing so that should be interesting... well, more like my usual hectic but that's cool too.

I do feel more peaceful and that can't be a bad thing. SKO is a full time gig plus 10 between online & offline endeavors and it's easy to let it become this thing that totally takes over my life. Having a chance to step back from one aspect for a little while, was just the thing I needed.

Okay, so I need to make blog rounds but before I run off, here's my obligatory Jericho comment for the day. I have had a moment (or six) where I was prepared to board the Jake/Heather ship & set the sails. Of course this is out of character for me & in all honesty, I want them together but for dramatic purposes I don't. I'm still not recovered from Mulder/Scully so I'm a bit ship shy. That said, I was on the CBS Jericho website a few days ago & the fan video of the day caught my eye & made me want to ship my heart out. It's by silvervintage on YouTube & I think it's quite well done.

Kellybot, if you're reading this only watch the video if you want to see really cool scenes of a fluffy nature between two of Jericho's finest. ;)

And April 4th is going to be a ginormous sci-fi geekout session. Spike Network is kicking off their run of all 6 Star Wars movies! Episode I: The Phantom Menace will be up first at 8 PM. And at 10 PM it's all about SciFi Channel & the premiere of Battlestar Galactica! It's like a friggin' holiday! :D


  1. lol. Good luck on taking pics. I wish I had a pile of stuff made for Etsy. I just can't seem to get off my keister. Spring is when I have tons of ideas for the house, and that's all I want to work on.

    Are you counting down the days until April 4th like a kid at Christmas?

  2. Love Jericho! But I haven't been paying enough attention this season... I need to sit down and watch the new episodes from the beginning.

    I don't think I've recovered from the X-Files stuff, either! And I was a die-hard 'shipper for many years, but when it actually happened I was disappointed. It was too much, in my opinion.

    (I'd still see another movie, though, if they ever make one. I just can't look away.)

  3. Haha! Thanks for the warning. We just finished all the Six Feet Under we've got (just S1 and 2) so until we get more, I want to try to fit Jericho in. I think we can watch the whole season before BG comes out. All we need is one more freezing weekend!

  4. Jewel, I am totally like a kid @ Christmas with this! It's so sad when the woman is the bigger scifi geek than the man & in my case, that's a monumental accomplishment. LOL

    Caroline, I'm glad to know I'm not the only person who was so scarred over Scully/Mulder. :( It taught me a really good lesson about serial dramas & the idea that the wish can be better than the execution of the reality. Oy vey. O_o

    Kellybot, LOL! I'll send out arctic blast vibes your way, so you can get your chance to view & I'll have another person to obsess over it with. :D