Reshoots, Renewals & Wildest Dreams

I spent some of yesterday taking reshoots of some few items that have long expired in my shop & been moved to the "not sure what I'll do with you" pile. There is only so much stock a person can take along when selling live & I also keep certain stock for each venue. I've found that reshoots are interesting, if not fun & also a great way to make an item look fresh. And of course it's a good reminder of how craptacular your skills were before by viewing how far you've come. :D

I'm not the biggest Etsy renewal person, but I do employ the tactic when I've redone the pictures. I would really love it if you could edit it in some way before you renew it live however. I suppose it's not the biggest complaint & with Etsy I haven't many but I would like that ability. I'm always nervous that I won't get back to the edit button to pull it before anyone can see it. Yes, I am a bit of a spaz that way. :)

And, I'd like to have shop stats, like, for real. Metrics are hot. ;)

If you could change anything about the process of your business in the Etsy venue what would it be?


  1. I agree with editing before finishing the relisting process. I'm not a big relister either, but when I do, I always have to change something.

  2. I haven't had the experience of relisting yet, but I do agree the metrics would be so helpful. Especially a way to see how people are fiding your shop - through forums, blogs, searches, etc.

    My newest wish is when you change your shipping profile, to add a location, etc. it would automatically update all of your listings with that profile.

    Will be interested to know how your relisting goes - hope it will be a great success!! :)

  3. I tend to renew quite often, as I don't produce much new work these days! I'm currently brainstorming up ways to "overhaul" my shops such that they stay fresh.

    Good luck with your shop! :)