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The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith
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It's been a great (& busy) week & I'm excited it's done. It's time to close out the summer officially with Labor Day weekend & one more cookout & beach jaunt. And that's all good & well, but I'm looking forward to next week also.

Next week The Vampire Diaries premieres on The CW. Kevin Williamson is trying his hand at angsty teen vampires... so like Dawson's Creek with teeth? No, not so much if it's done correctly. ;) The books are a fun & quick read that I really enjoyed. And I must admit, I'd not have had any inclination to even pick them up if I'd not heard that Ian Somerhalder was going to be playing Damon. Happily Damon turned out to be my favorite character & I know Ian plays skeevy sexy very well, so I don't foresee disappointment.

Anyway, as with most things I adore somehow my love of it & string merge & I wind up making things with a theme. It happened with BSG, Jericho & Sons of Anarchy & now... it's Vampire Diaries. What can I say, it happens. ;)

This week I finally posted 2 new creations that were inspired by the guys and what I feel their "color" is.

Damon is a slick pure alpaca scarf in charcoal black. Always stylish & perfect anywhere... just like the character.

Stefan is made of the same pure alpaca but in a deep sanguine red. A bit more emo but fired embers on the slow burn. Felt like Stefan to me.

I'm still thinking about the other characters but I have to admit, that I don't see the tv embodiment of Elena as a lapis blue (maybe it's Nina Dobrev's shading being opposite what ut was described as in the book) but no matter, I'll have that worked out by next week I'm sure. Jury is also still out on Alaric & Bonnie as well. Hmm.

That's all for now but don't forget to check out the show on Tuesday the 8th on the CW. Happy & safe holiday weekend!


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