when good shoes happen to me

There's more to life than good books, so here's a little of my shoe love. I've fallen for Shoemint this year & here are two of my faves. The Kathy smoking slipper in red dalmation & the super cool Bridget gladiator sandal in leopard (these are really comfortable & walk very nicely). The simple & comfy things in life are often the best.

In an even more perfect world, Shoemint would offer handbags to compliment their shoes or there'd be a "Bagmint" (which admittedly, doesn't sound very chic or cute) & I could continue to hone my handbag habit. Hope springs eternal. ;)


  1. I'm dying over leopard bridget! They're sold out of 7s though. I bought a 7 in Kathy and found it tight - do you think I could go up a 1/2 size on bridget, or would it be way too big?

    PS - you have great taste in shoes!

  2. thx, AJ! :)

    I think you could go up a half size if your Kathy's felt snug. I tend to have to routinely go a half size up on regular Steve Madden. The same is holding true for me with Shoemint, so far. I've honestly debated ordering two sizes & returning one, just to be sure I get one pair because these things sell out so quickly.

    My Bridget's feel great on, so if you can get a pair, I highly recommend them! :)