Just Finished Reading: What the Heart Knows (Milford-Haven #1)

What the Heart Knows (A Milford-Haven Novel)What the Heart Knows by Mara Purl
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is an introductory book to the Milford-Haven series & while I found it enjoyable enough, I don't have a burning desire to get right to the next in the series. The murder mystery (which was the draw in reading this for me) was tied up well enough but I mostly felt that this was all just to set the stage for the next in the series. I did enjoy the feel of the setting. I love sleepy seaside hamlets & felt the author did a very good job giving a sense of place. There are quite a few characters to keep up with & it felt like I was being introduced to the whole town in a flurry, whether or not they were really relevant to the mystery. Honestly, I didn't commit all the characters to memory because I was more focused on the dead reporter resolution. Even so, I feel that this wrapped up well enough to be satisfying even as a standalone if you decide not to read the remainder of the series. This is a light enough read for the weekend or while travelling.

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