Review: Before She Dies

Before She Dies
Before She Dies by Rita Herron

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a short prequel to the Slaughter Creek series. We meet the parents of twins, Sadie & Amelia & have basically the set up to the main story that comes in the first book. I enjoyed this but it was very short & ends at a pivotal point. I was so surprised that it stopped where it did that I yelled at my Kindle. Just when this one gets good, it's over. The next book is supposed to pick up 25 years after events in this short with Sadie as our lead character, so I can only figure this cliff hanger (forgive the pun) remains such & is just finished off in flashback or something. It'll be a bit of a tough wait for the next installment. I'd recommend this if you are going right into the next in the series or if you don't mind a little frustration.

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