Shoemint Review: Zoe Studded Glitter Heels

Oh yes, they are fabulous! My Zoe's arrived in the post the day before
yesterday & as soon as I opened the box, I was in love. They're four
inch heels without the platform (I'm not much for platforms even
though I'm on the shorter side of Hobbits) and so comfortable I can
hardly stand it. There's no toe cleveage going on either, but I don't
have terribly long toes so maybe others would have that.

I'd wanted these to serve as my holiday season party shoes & they are
totally going to fit the bill. I want to accept any invite I receive
just to have the chance to show off the shoes. *sigh* I've worn them
around the carpet here in the house but there's been no glitter shed.
Also, due to all the metal spiky studs going on, these shoes have some
heft. Like, if you find the situation arises, you should feel
comfortably weaponized when you venture out in them. They don't feel
heavy when worn though. There are also tread pads on the bottom of the
shoe, so no worries about them being slippery & needing a good
scuffing on the ground before you hit the dance floor. These are
revelry ready out of the box.

Final thoughts, I wonder if these were named after Rachel Bilson's
character Zoe on Hart of Dixie. I adore that show so I'm going to be
looking to see if Zoe steps out in these as she has in others. I'm
eying a pair of red lace up boots on Shoemint's site but I'm not quite
sure I actually need another pair of boots & in red of all colors...
but they are so cute & I swear they're calling to me so... I just may
need to give in.

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