kitchen challenge, day 5

I haven't updated progress on my "No Grocery Shopping for Two Months"
kitchen challenge in two days because we had salad & leftovers & I
just didn't feel like photographing those. The good thing is that
there has been no takeout food ordered & we've had very good food to
knosh. The cupboards, freezer & refrigerator are still very full & I
know I have my work cut out for me. I've been most focused on using
the fresh produce we have on hand, so I was very glad to finally make
use the mushrooms in last night's vegetable curry. My husband looked
forward to this one all week. :)

It's another one pot endeavor (ok, except for the pot of rice to
accompany) & is super simple thanks to the wonder that is S&B Curry
Extra Hot. I use mushrooms and cook them until all those lovely
glutamines are released & the flavor gets dense & meaty & just toss in
whatever veggies we want in addition, bring to a boil, add in the
curry, pepper, garlic & ginger & it's good to go. There wasn't much in
the way of leftovers after my husband tore into this & that's less to
put back into the refrigerator.

The holiday weekend is upon us & I can honestly say that I don't think
I'll be doing huge cooking. Maybe a very lowkey, hot dogs & Bush's
beans at some point this weekend. I do have broccoli, bacon &
Emmentaler cheese hanging out in the refrigerator so quiche will
probably happen on Sunday.

Bon Appetite & Happy Long Labor Day Weekend

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