Etsy's New Stars Rating System

Etsy is rolling out its new rating system (they'll be done by week's
end) & I got it yesterday. There's a lot of chatter & discussion about
I haven't read it all but I know one thing, I'm not sure how I feel
about it. I read books & rate with Stars on Amazon & Goodreads all the
time. I'm never thrilled when I can't leave halves but I do mention
that in my reviews. I imagine the Etsy experience will be like that
now. As a reviewer, I admit to not giving out 5 star ratings often. I
reserve those for the books & purchases that I would read again,
change my world or were so anticipated by me because I so love
whatever it is that I couldn't have been disappointed no matter what.
Basically, it's not most things that I read or buy that fall into
those categories. So, I give a good many 4 star & 4.5 star ratings
when I'm really pleased & couldn't have asked for more. I save the 3
stars for things I simply liked & didn't love. That's not bad in my
estimation either but I can't imagine being happy if I received a 3
star rating for my work from a customer. The old system of "Positive",
"Neutral" & "Negative" seemed more forgiving.

Mostly taking away the ability for sellers to leave feedback for
buyers is odd to me. Even authors are able to respond to reviews given
on their work on Amazon & Goodreads, though they're not rating their
readers. I never mind that level of interaction but I am one who
leaves pretty thorough reviews. A seller being effectively muted from
saying anything about the transaction, glowing or not seems draconian.
I've been on Etsy since 2006 & I can honestly say that I've never had
a harassing customer or anyone I've asked not to shop with me again
but apparently others have & I think that being able to leave honest &
measured (not malicious & wholly emotional) feedback is a good thing.
Etsy (& the thousands of sellers they polled, of which I was not one)
think differently though & it's their sand box.

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