October: the kitchen challenge continues

My kitchen challenge has gone well & I've learnt a few things as well.
First, in addition to dairy & produce & personal care/toiletries, I
need to also buy bagels regularly. Even moved away, I'm still a
Philadelphian & freshly baked bagels are my morning. Second, meals got
a bit more creative as I've gone along. Third, pumpkin chocolate chip
muffins (pictured) are friggin fantastic!

We've had all kinds of meals & I've really fallen behind on
photographing them. The slow cooker chicken pot pie this past Sunday
was crazy good (recipe from AllRecipes.com). There was spicy black
beans & rice one day last week. A couple pizza nights, fish fridays,
another quiche night (great way to use cheese, bacon, eggs & whipping
cream; really the cream was what prompted me to make the quiche
because I didn't really want to think up what else to do with it.) &
stroganoff with noodles (so good!). I've made tuna tettrazini, salads,
baked pork chops with sweet potatoes & broccoli & a few different
soups & curries. Oh, and an oven roasted veggie medley (red potatoes,
carrots, red onions, green beans & sausage; oilve oil, sage, salt &
pepper). I am likely making a curry this week & this coming Sunday,
it's going to be meat sauce in the slow cooker for spaghetti &
probably a lentil soup because I have a medical procedure to be done
next week & it'd be nice to be able for us to eat once I come back
home but am not up to cooking. There are only so many bowls of cereal
in a row that we can tolerate.

So, all in all, this challenge has gone well & there's still meat,
veggies & pie shells in my freezer. The canned items in my cabinets
have waned (yay!) but there's still plenty of pasta & pasta & tikka
masala sauces, I still have to decide what to do with a rather large
bag of shredded cheddar cheese. Full disclosure, I will buy ground
beef this coming weekend to make the meat sauce (but the garlic bread
is in the freezer already, so it's the only thing being purchased for
the meal). I do project my next big shopping excursion to be on target
October 25.

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