Review: Vienna Waltz

Vienna Waltz
Vienna Waltz by Teresa Grant

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A little mystery & romance are wound through this historical fiction novel & I really liked it. It's third in a series & I've not read the two before this one (I've picked a few of late that are the middle of series. I don't know why). I didn't find it to be a problem at all that I hadn't read the two prior & the story flowed nicely. Suzanne & Malcolm Rannoch are very good characters to pass time with & I'll continue at least to the next book as I already have it on my desk waiting for me. They mystery was well done & I was not terribly surprised about who it was that murdered Tatiana but I was surprised about why. I didn't see that coming. What I did see coming from the beginning was the nature of Tatiana & Malcolm's relationship. I don't know if it was telegraphed so much as it just felt like it had to be what it turned out to be because of the way Malcolm was characterized. Still in all, it was very well done. Add to the murder mystery, the glittering society balls, gowns & the backdrop of political intrigue & I was a happy chica.

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