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Bold Tricks
Bold Tricks by Karina Halle

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The final installment in the Artists Trilogy was a fun ride. I must admit that I got everything tied up in pretty much the way I wanted it. I'm not usually a "must have HEA ending" kind of girl but I quite liked it here, even when I thought it was getting a bit soppy & bordering on eyeroll worthy (the Earth/Moon bit, so much). I was glad that I was right about Gus & wish that there'd been more time to learn about Ellie's mother. The information given was done in sort of an info-dump by Derek & while informative just didn't make me feel connected to the character & I didn't feel right along with Ellie when things unfolded. I admit to not liking Sophie in the previous books but I didn't quite remember her being wholly morally bankrupt but that certainly was the way she finished here. I didn't think she was a good person but I did think she had a care for her child. I don't know how I missed that not being the case at all in the previous books. Javier, I was never a fan of & I was glad that Ellie finally caught on to him & let him go. I liked Violetta & the acknowledgement she's given at the end.

These books were the first I've read by Karina Halle but I've no doubt I'll read more from her. I'm usually terrible about actually finishing series but these came out so close together, that I think it helped me to get on & my interest hadn't waned. I wish more writers could pull that off.

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