Review: Petals on the Pillow

Petals on the Pillow
Petals on the Pillow by Eileen Rendahl

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I admit it. I was taken by the setting of this one. A manor house on an island off the coast of the Pacific Northwest & some dark mystery with And so I endured the insta-love (way too deep feelings when Kelly hadn't even been at Hawk Manor for 48 hours) & the predictability of this book (Kendra... who didn't see that coming? & so many other things that I won't spoil here). I liked the relationship between Kelly & Betsy & that Kelly was an artist. In general, her character had a pretty good personality & decent dialog & good interaction with the other characters but since this is much more a romance, the relationship with Harrision figures in more heavily & he's predictably, a brooding jerk too. As believing & being swept away is a major part of making a romance enjoyable, I didn't much enjoy this one. It's hard to love it when you don't much like the object of the heroine's affection. The editing was well done & I saw no typos. It was simply ok as a weekend read but I'm glad that I finally got to it on my Kindle (it had been waiting in my TBR for months.

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