Book Review: Vigilantes (Retrieval Artist #13) by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Vigilantes by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
My rating: 🌟🌟🌟(3 stars)
Publisher: WMG Publishing

This had such a slow start. More like slow first half and a little more. There was a lot of retreading known information from the story so far and very little new to propel momentum forward.

Perhaps this works better when reading a series as it's coming out over time and not after it's a complete whole and there's less time between reading books. As much as I love Nyquist and his investigative style, I'm mostly into these novels because of Miles Flint & Noelle DeRicci and for the main of the book, they were both pretty light on story. Additionally, Talia (who I also adore) was still going through her issues from the Peyti attack. Important but took up too much story time.

But somewhere around the 55-60% mark, things picked up, Miles and Noelle featured a bit more and pieces to the clone attack puzzle start coming faster. All the characters make forward movement and it feels like just when it's getting good, it's over. Also points to the entire law first thread. The society & its attitude and laws regarding clones say nothing in its favour so I'm glad there are people pushing for a correction. That this society also has a contingent who think legal defense is somehow approval of crime strikes me almost as terrifying as whoever is looking to destroy the domes and all life in them.

I've begun the next already and can't wait to see where Rusch goes before pulling this into Series Finale Station. Recommended.

A shocking act of violence... 
The looming threat of another attack spurs the Moon's chief security officer, Noelle DeRicci, to uncover the identity of the masterminds behind the Anniversary Day bombings before they strike again. Armed with information uncovered by Retrieval Artist Miles Flint and Detective Bartholomew Nyquist, DeRicci lets herself hope she can put an end to the violence against the Moon. 
But then a brutal murder changes everything. 
DeRicci must risk everything to launch a secret investigation into the very heart of the Earth Alliance.
Can the next attack be stopped?

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