Book Review: Towards Zero by Agatha Christie

Towards Zero by Agatha Christie
My rating: πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸ (4 stars)

In my continuing quest to read all the Christies, I chose Towards Zero this week because I wanted a tennis-themed book to go along with all the US Open I'd been taking in.

 I really liked Christie's set up here. You meet and follow all the pivotal players in an event as they unbeknownst to them arrive Zero Hour when the event takes place. Inspector Battle explains the happenstance of that in all culminations of a crime early in the story.

It was fun trying to work out who would be the victim and who the antagonist and it seemed many gave clue to being possibly capable of doing something to someone else. I was tempted on several occasions to just flip over to the Zero Hour section and have my curiosities satisfied but I didn't want to experience the story that way so my advice if you're reading, just read faster, don't just go read the end. It's worth it.

I didn't realize when I picked this up that it was the fifth in Inspector Battle's series but it's great as a standalone. I'm definitely looking forward to more.

An elderly widow is murdered at a clifftop seaside house...What is the connection between a failed suicide attempt, a wrongful accusation of theft against a schoolgirl, and the romantic life of a famous tennis player? To the casual observer, apparently nothing. But when a houseparty gathers at Gull's Point, the seaside home of an elderly widow, earlier events come to a dramatic head. It's all part of a carefully paid plan - for murder... 

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