Book Review: Body on the Island (Smart Women's Mystery #2) by Victoria Dowd

Body on the Island
Victoria Dowd
Title: Body on the Island by Victoria Dowd

Rating: 3 stars (🌟🌟🌟)

Publisher: Joffee Books

 I'm torn between two and three stars. This is the second in this series and while I enjoyed parts, I was also rather tired of some of Ursula's quirks. Like seriously, I stopped caring about the green eyes she kept seeing (it turns out to be important to the solution but the repetition of it was too much), along with her dearly departed father fixation (which I was really over in the first book), whatever is going on with those possibly supernatural visions and hints or whatever and even her acerbic wit wore thin.

The mystery itself was fine enough even if it did feel a bit lost and weighed down under all the other stuff (the group dynamics, Ursula being herself and the "there be ghosts!" segues). I did like that the description of the island and environs was well done. Very atmospheric. The murderer and their motive was well done and tied together well. And I'll even give that Ursula and Pandora reached a sort of pax as a welcome development.

I don't know if I'll jump into another trek with the Smart women plus Mirabelle, Bridget and the dog. Charlotte remains my favourite but she's not enough to do all this lifting.

Summary: An uninhabited island.
Ten stranded strangers.

No way to escape.

Ursula Smart (not her real name), realising therapy alone cannot teach her how to survive this life, is determined to make some changes. She signs herself up for a survival course — along with her mother, aunts Charlotte and Mirabelle and Bridget.

But the promised gentle weekend of foraging and camping in the Outer Hebrides swiftly turns into a desperate battle for survival.

Their boat capsizes. Washed up on an uninhabited island, the Smart women face starvation, freezing conditions and — worse — no Wi-Fi.

Then the murders begin.

Someone is killing off them one by one. Will the Smarts escape or will they be next?

Body on the Island
Victoria Dowd

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