Book Review: Oracle by Julie J. Anderson

Julie J. Anderson
Title: Oracle by Julie J. Anderson

Rating: 4 stars (🌟🌟🌟🌟)

Publisher: Claret Press

 Cassandra "Cassie" Fortune is only a few weeks removed from her traumatic experiences that took place in Plague. She's dispatched by the Prime Minister to a conference in Delphi to give a presentation on tax policy but most importantly to secure a connection with a high-level official on the PM's behalf. That would be stressful enough but Cassie has some additional challenges, her stalker may be closing in and there's the murder she's roped into investigating as well.

After a bit of a slow start in the first quarter, this really took off and was very much a page-turner. Cassie still suffers from some personality traits that tended to grate on my nerves but she did display growth and that was welcome. Even when she annoyed me, I still wanted to see her succeed in her duties and overcome her trials. The other characters were well done, especially Helena (I very much liked her). The main mystery itself was a good one with quite a few turns and a completely tragic culmination. I liked that facets of this story were threaded through decades and also enjoyed the ties to Hellenism (even when some of them seemed a bit on the nose). By the end, I was sure I'd happily read another and look forward to checking in on Cassie Fortune again.

Many thanks to the author for an Advanced Reader's Copy.

Summary: Blood calls for blood.
Near the ancient Temple of Apollo, environmentalists protest outside an international conference. Inside, business lobbyists mingle with politicians, seeking profit and influence. Then the charismatic leader of the protest goes missing.

The next day a body is discovered, placed like an offering to the gods. One day later a broken corpse is found at the foot of the cliffs from which blasphemers were once tossed to their deaths.

As a storm closes in and strange lights are seen on the mountain, the conference centre is cut off. Is a killer stalking its corridors? Or are primal forces reaching out from the past? Like the cryptic Oracle of Delphi, Cassandra Fortune must supply the answers before the conference is over. And before more die.

Justice will be done, but what kind of justice?

Julie Anderson

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