Blast! Ben Linus Broke My Crochet Hook!

Seriously! He really did! It should come as no surprise though. He's responsible for all the higher level plotting going on on the island and of course he has his feelers out to those on the mainland. It's all a conspiracy.

Not buying it, huh? Okay. Here's what really happened. I was watching Lost last night and during a very pivotal scene I dropped my crochet hook on the floor. I was so caught up in the scene that I forgot about the hook.
The scene ended with Ben bloodied by Sawyer and I stood up & took a step. And that's when I heard the snap. Damn & blast!

And this is why I don't usually use plastic hooks. But I have a set of them that someone gave me and they were actually quite handy. This is the second o
ne I've broken. And as fate would have it, this was my only size I/9. My coveted bamboo in the same size parted ways with me somewhere between BWI & SFO. I hope it's found a happy home on which ever coast it ultimately chose. So I've scoped out some new option on Etsy and I plan on breaking down and buying one in the near future. Luckily, I wasn't using it for anything pressing.

Okay, back to Lost. Great ep and my Lost-affair that has been long dormant is being stoked once again. I won't drop any episode relevant info because who knows who'll stumble in here but suffice it to say, it's a whole new season and a better pace is being set with the story telling. I spent a good amount of time on The Fuselage last night and will most likely pop back over some time today. I can't believe I've been a member there for so long and my post count hasn't even cleared 1000. I guess I save my comments for when I really care.

And this is getting lengthy so I've one more thing to say about Lost. Over on the StyleDash blog there's a guide to kitting out your man (or if you're a man, yourself) in Island style. It's spot on and tongue-in-cheek, I think.

And finally, I've dug out that yarn I mentioned that I picked up from RedBerryCrochet's destash & Ebay. I bought them last spring and actually made a pair of hand/wrist warmers & a really cool handbag for myself. Love them. I made a few warmers for off-Etsy and sold them but got so wrapped up in other things that I never got back to them. Consequently, I've around 20 skeins of this yarn in my stash in four colors. Now I'm motivated to and I'm ready to get to it. My preppy themed Travelghan/wrap is nearly done and a girl always needs a new project. It's also a decent excuse to get out and get my nails done tomorrow. No mani, no pics.


  1. I love the name of your blog! Thanks so much for visiting mine and for your wonderful comments on my charity squares. In answer to your question, I have an old book of poetry and it's truly amazing that every time I need an apt phrase, I open the book on exactly the right page. Every time, I swear. Try it and see! I think it's called serendipity. How about crocheting some squares for the project?

  2. That's beautiful yarn! Thanks for not giving any spoilers about Lost. I haven't seen it yet. Every girl needs to get her nails done once in a while.

  3. I too love the name of your blog!! Notice we both have 'coffee' mentioned!
    Haha! Ben Linus broke your Crochet Hook! I am a LOST fan as well, it's looking pretty exciting on that crazy island, n'est pas?
    Wish i could mail you some of our snow...we have waaaay to much here!

  4. Lost will do that to a person! The last episode left my boyfriend and I totally biting our nails, as usual! Thank god its only on once a week or I would NEVER get any painting done!