Thursday Morning Coffee Contemplation

This is today's morning view from my balcony. I think it's going to be a very pretty day and as I sit here sipping my coffee and watching the sun rising in spite of cloud bands, I'm contemplating one of the eternal questions.

Should I still list more winter items in shop or just focus on warmer weather items?


I know that there's always winter going on somewhere and I love my customers on the other hemi but it's proving hard to strike a balance. I've some yarn that I picked up a while ago from RedBerryCrochet when she was destashing & more of the same type that I scavenged from Ebay and I've been wanting to get to it to make some fingerless mitts and arm warmers. I think they'd be fun and also keep boredom at bay.

Anyway, I'm plugging along reading Dune: Butlerian Jihad (see the little pic on the right?) and I have to say, while I think it's a good book, it certainly is slow. I've already read Dune: House Atreides and that was great. I'm still not sure it's the fault of the book though. Butlerian Jihad is the first in the series and has the difficult task of introducing you to completely new characters, worlds and a galactic war. Lots of groundwork to be laid there and I think to a worthy end. So I'll keep on till the end and honestly, getting to the next book is a pretty decent motivator. :) The next in the series? The Machine Crusade. I can't wait. :)


  1. Oh, I want a balcony now! Though, the only thing I would see is what I see out my backdoor anyway. Fields.

    I say focus more on warmer weather items but still make a few cold weather items just in case.

  2. LOL! Fields rock and trust me, I'd trade this view for one of the ocean any day. :)

    I think you're right about focus though. I've already begun making some fingerless gloves and such. Now I want to make myself a new pair. :)