LOST... You Had Me At Desmond & Penny

Last night LOST gave one of the best payoffs yet. Okay, yes, such things are next to nonexistant on this show but I considered *SPOILER:highlight if you want to know* the whole reunion via telephone between them absolutely amazing! It's almost okay if he doesn't actually make it back. I'm kind of concerned because all his flashes were flash backs not flash forwards like all the others who survive.

It was great & I loved Daniel too. *SPOILER:highlight if you want to know* The physics prof with the freaky experiment at Oxford... apparently he was always kinda' odd. Between the formulas & his notebook with all those notes, I think he may know more than anyone what's up with the island. That certainly explains the discrepancy in time. According to Jack back on the first ep of the new season, he said they'd been on the island 100 days. According to last night, it's been 93 days since the crash.Last night, Des called penny on Dec 24.2004. WTH?! I'll have see if there's some calculation to be done to see if that's really relevant or just another one of those LOST tidbits.

It was great & a nice break from writing also. Muse is calling & coffee is brewing & I need to do some intense research on PTSD.


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