Jericho Arrived... & I Hate Jake Green!

First, let me say how I could have totally kissed our UPS guy when he showed up at my door with my Jericho dvd. At first, I thought it was something the hubs had bought & was about to toss it on his desk but noticed my name on the label. Could I be so lucky? Could it be my copy of Jericho? I ripped the box to shreds and lo and behold there it was!! I may have squealed! I held off calling T to let him know but knew he'd be thrilled when he got home. Yippee!

So he comes home, we rejoice in our nerdom and decide we're all up for watching the next four episodes of the series. 'Cause we need to get though all 22 in order to catch the new eps of Season 2 that are OnDemand. So we settle in and check on the lives of our favorite Kansans in this post-apocalyptic world. We're all about the intrigue of
Robert Hawkins, raise an eyebrow to the goings on of Eric Green who's cheating on his physician wife with barkeep Mary, we agree that Gray Anderson is not to be trusted, we enjoy the banter between Johnston & Gail Green (we're sure we'll be them in another 35 years) & Stan & Mimi rock in general (they're more like us now, Dover, DE boy & Philadelphia, PA girl). It's all good and happy and you think, wow this show totally rocks.

Did you notice there's been no mention of the main character of our story?


T is still on Jake's side & thinks that even if he's doing some things that aren't quite right... or even defensible in any way, he's willing to give him a chance.

I'm not so forgiving.

Is Jake Green my new Lee Adama?

I'll give the short explanation here because I could seriously have a whole feminist rant but would prefer to have a discourse in all honesty. :)

As you know, my absolute first television love is Battlestar Galactica. I adore it. Since the pilot, it's been what I'm all about. I love how the characters are written and the storylines. Well, almost all of them.

Lee Adama (callsign Apollo) is the pilot hero son of now Admiral Adama. He's skilled and handsome & accomplished. And I haven't been able to stand him since the third episode of the first season. We're talking deep and abiding dislike here. I will grant that all his moments with his father move me to tears but that still never gets him off the hook with me ultimately. Why? He's a womanizer. But not in an overt way. No, Lee does it really shady & he's passive aggressive too. That just pisses me off to no end.
Most female fans are able to overlook this in general, because he's so gosh darn well put together and is a hottie flyboy. Whatevs. So repelled by his actions have I been that I didn't even find the character attractive & he's portrayed by the uber-amazing Jamie Bamber. This picture is of him as Apollo in a pretty epic shower scene with the pilots.

He lost me when he punched Kara Thrace in the mouth for something she said (which she was right about). He didn't do it because she was insubordinate. He did it because he either had romantic feelings for her or wanted to shag her himself & she didn't pick him & he couldn't deal. Mix in some guilt that he has because she was engaged to his brother & you get the
convoluted mess that is Apollo. I was done with him and he's been treating Kara, some hooker & his own wife pretty shabbily since then because he can't get himself together.

So, back to Jake Green of Jericho.
SPOILERS *highlight if you want to read* He's got a mysterious background & apparently brought a lot more baggage with him than the one packed bag he brought from San Diego. He's been doing good things so far & has also had this flirty thing going on with Heather, the elementary school teacher. He saved her and her students on his first day back. They worked well together and didn't even need to explain much for the other to understand. I guess that's part of the chemistry thing. She kissed him. He kissed her back. She saved his father's life while he was off getting meds for the old man. But, apparently he also has a bit of unfinished business with ex-girlfriend Emily. She's engaged to Roger, who's fate is unknown. She's also Heather's BFF. She knows about the whole Jake & Heather situation. She seems kinda' shady too, because she's not wholly honest & has some unfinished business with Jake. Long story short, events culminate in some lame-ass dance to Sinead O'Connor's Nothing Compares 2 U (it was their song when they were in highschool) in the bar & she asks him "What about Heather?" & his answer is "What about Roger?" they almost kiss. They don't ultimately but it's not because they're such decent people... 'cause they're not.

I feel I should mention that I have a huge problem with women who are friends doing the backstabbing thing. If the guy's a dog that's one thing but there's no need for the woman to be a bitch to her bff. That's a whole other thing. Emily is also still wearing her engagement ring from Roger & living in the house he bought for them. Not cool, girl. So not. :/

SPOILER *highlight if you want to know* So Jake is now not so attractive & not so heroic, but he is more nuanced & that's interesting. It's good to dirty up the protagonist but I just hope they don't go so far that I cringe every time I see him. I'm nearly there & he needs a redemption episode now. I've never been one for the players & bad boys, they make my brain cells cry & die a little for the waste. SPOILER *highlight if you want to know* And I really hope they do something huge with Emily because right now, I want her hair lit afire. What I'm sure of right now is that Heather may indeed be too good for Jake & possibly, Jake & Emily deserve each other if that fickle is how they roll. Let them keep it to themselves. Blech! In the meantime, I'm still going to try & figure out what Hawkins is up to & look forward to more bad-ass moments from Jonah Prowse (played by James Remar, T loves him!), hope he comes back soon!


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