kitchen challenge: day 2

Day 2 brought a quick scan of the cabinets & I decided to make dal &
rice. I always have a few bags of lentils on hand & the hubs likes
them, so I knew it would be a welcome end of day meal. I was also
going to make a vegetable curry but decided to push that back later in
the week (I'm sure the fresh veggies will hold out until then).

Anyway, the dal is so easy to make (bag of lentils, can of broth,
water to continue to slowly cook, butter, onions, curry powder,
ginger, pepper, garlic, cumin, salt & pepper, can of crushed tomatoes
& one can of evaporated milk to finish) but you do need time to attend
to it & stir, so it's not exactly one of those "put it on & leave it"
dishes. I made jasmine rice to go with. Basically, it smelled & looked
so tantalizing that I could not wait for my husband to arrive home to
have dinner with him. Bad wife, that I am, I devoured this bowl with
glee. I am happy to report that he enjoyed two bowls.

I don't exactly know what I'll make today, but salad seems a likely
candidate. I'll let you know tomorrow.

Bon Appetite! xoxo

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