Review: For Darkness Shows the Stars

For Darkness Shows the Stars
For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund

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Just Finished Reading: For Darkness Shows the Stars

'Persuasion' is my absolute, hands down, packing it in my bag when the zombie apocalypse strikes favorite Austen. I have read my fair share of re-tellings & re-imaginings of the tale between Anne & Captain Wentworth & yes, I am that chica all stirred up as I turn the pages that they won't get together in the end, even though I've read it tons of times (the suspense & emotion get me every time and I know that's somewhat silly). So, I looked very forward to reading this. I mean, Persuasion with a scifi leaning. Oh yes. I need that in my little life. I loved it!!

I did read the prequel novella Among the Nameless Stars before diving in & it's from Kai's perspective. It did a good job in setting tone because this book is Elliot's perspective. All the frustrations, misunderstandings & mistrust are teased out wonderfully & I really felt for many of the characters. I quite adored Ro, Dee, Gill (that he was ready to get into fisticuffs with Wentforth when the latter was just being roundly jerky endeared him to me forever) & even found some semblance of empathy for Tatiana. None for Benedict or Papa North. None. I loved everything with the Innovations & Andromeda turned out also to be a favorite. I wanted most to know more about the Innovations & about their experiments. I got completely caught up in wanting to know about Gavin & Carlotta & wished for more details about what took place & led up to The Reduction. The science felt like a tease but I won't complain, this isn't a hard scifi book. There was enough to keep me wanting more so that's a good thing & I hope that there's more explanation to come in the next book in the series. Also, 5 stars alone for Peterfreund's prose. I was sad to have read a good deal of it via my Kindle app on my phone as it doesn't have a highlight feature. It was that good.

There is indeed only one Austen but Peterfruend has given this fan, a re-imagined telling that is top notch in every way that counts.

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